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Why this project?

This site is the product of one of my Wood Badge SR-1054 Ticket. The purpose of the Ticket was to promote diversity within the scouting program and specifically aimed at the hearing impaired. The inspiration came from two of the most dedicated Assistant Scoutmasters a youth program could hope for. Our Unit Troop/Crew 112 is located in the Rio Grande Council down in South Texas, where Jesse Marquez and Dario Gaytan both served. Although they had difficulty communicating they rarely missed a meeting/camp out and were always available for the youth. Thank you for your years of service from Troop/Crew 112.

Want to help?
As you can see this is just the start. We are still missing crucial elements of the Scouting program and would like to include as much as we can. If you would like to help please contact us here.

Areas of Interest
Council Leaders
District Leaders
Adult knots
Scout Ranks
More Youth Leadership Positions
More Camping
Emergency/First Aid
Campfire Program Elements

Thank you to the Jourdan Taylor Star Scout of Troop/Crew 112 of the Rio Grande Council, his sisters Alexandria, Nikki and parents Raquel and Ty for helping me with this project.  This site was created and is maintained by Daniel Gutierrez of Troop/Crew 112 of the Rio Grande Council, Wood Badge Class SR-1054.


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